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Tanya Weliky

Tanya is a freelance artist and photographer working out of Sausalito, CA for local families and art collectors nationwide. For commissions, feedback, to be added to my mailing list and for art-related freelance work: 415-272-4139 /

"For me, artistic expression is mandatory to maintain inner balance in an unbalanced world. My art is not created but it evolves organically from fears, hopes, frustrations, memories, and aspirations. The technique and materials are secondary and ever changing. I admit to celebrating the process more than the finished piece; I attempt to catch a moment on my journey of discovery and hope to find a unique and compelling way to help me understand all that mystifies me, or to find peace with never completely knowing."

As a bi-racial New Yorker with a love of international travel, Tanya has always been drawn to the distinct beauty and unique perspective of multiculturalism, womanhood, and difference. She has a history of painting portraits although emotionally charged abstracts and conceptual pieces are increasingly present in her work. She has lived in Marin county since 2003 and is currently writing and illustrating a children's book about diversity, rainbows and bubbles. She is also co-owner of Stock Ready a start up for photo enthusiasts.

Currently you can see her work at the BackyardBoogie in San Rafael, and Brandon Hair Studio and RAW SF in San Francisco. Tanya welcomes visitors to her Sausalito studio through out the year by appointment. Twice a year the Artists Open Studios in the Libertyship Way Building are open to the public during the Marin Council Spring Art Fair, and the Winter Open Studios. The next Open House is December 3rd and 4th, 2011.

Tanya Weliky copyright © 2011

Call 415-272-4139 /

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